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Going Gnome Again.
From BeerNews comes this lovely nugget. Belgian brewery Brasserie d ‘Achouffe dropped by the Brewery Ommegang’s upstate New York home during the summer of 2010 and decided to collaborate on a beer. The new beer, dubbed the Gnomegang(which is an awesome name), came out of multiple small brews and tastings, resulting in a triple hopped Belgian-style strong blonde ale using Chouffe yeast in the primary fermentation and Ommegang yeast in the secondary. These should hopefully start popping up in the area in the next couple weeks. Can’t wait to try this. Cannot wait!

100,000 Homes
I’ve always loved Andrew Zimmern’s tv program on the Travel Channel, Bizarre Foods. The basic premise of it is he travels to exotic locals and then eats very uncommon food. Some of it so bizarre normal people wouldn’t touch. Some just made with exotic ingredients. Last night’s program focused around Zimmern traveling to San Francisco to work with local organizations that offer support to homeless people in the area. Zimmern once homeless himself, did some dumpster diving, as well as exploring alternative methods to find food, like learning how to raise edible bugs and foraging for wild food. He also teamed with Chef Chris Cosentino to do some interesting snout to tail cooking in a food truck.

Travel Channel is also promoting the 100,000 Homes Campaign throughout the new season of Bizarre Food. The 100,000 Homes Campaign is a national effort to find housing for 100,000 homeless individuals across the United States by July of 2013. They are out to prove that homelessness is a solvable problem by connecting communities through collaboration and innovation in developing strategies to house their homeless. Incredible stuff and a cause worth of your attention.

Weapon of Choice
Nice write up from Draft Magazine on what beers goes in what glass. Though the article could have benefited from actually picturing the glass next to the description or actually linking to an image or the glass itself. According to them it’s a Cliff’s Notes version of the essential glassware you should have in your collection. Pretty good stuff and obviously opinions vary. I’ve personally found that people tend to really overcomplicate this issue. I’ve generally thought that the higher the alcohol content, especially over 7% abv the more likely it should go in something with a stem. However, I bought this really great stemless wine tumbler a couple months ago and found it’s great for airy, breathy, hoppy beers. So, go by what this says, or go by what you like. It’s your beer. Of course, I’m also the guy that likes to drink my coffee out of a coffee mug with a Sasquatch that glows when it’s hot.

Listening Pile
Rival Schools – Shot After Shot
Start off by saying so happy to see these old friends back together. It’s been ten years since their self titled debut album came out. Some of these songs were kicking around back then, even before that album. They drop their new album Pedals next week and you can actually check out the full thing at Spinner. The song in the video below, is one of my favorites from the album. But the album is entirity is worth a listen. Check it out.


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