It’s Worth It


We are embarking on dark times, maybe some of the darkest this proud and already great country has seen. What I see is a country divided. Divided by anger, resentment and hate. The supreme leader – elect capitalized on that and pushed much of the country to back a man that is a proven racist, misogynist, liar, cheat and failed businessman. He is unhinged, vengeful, irrational, full of hatred and contempt for anyone that stands in his way. He’s not only unprepared to lead this country, he’s the most unqualified person to do so, ever! Now, his presidency might not fully impact your specific way of life, but it will impact someone in your family, circle of friends, co-workers and neighbors.

His hate fueled rhetoric will particularly impact those people in our lives that are women, of color, immigrants, LGBT, Muslim, Jewish, middle or lower class and college students. He’s talked about doing away with the Department of Education and Environmental Protection Agency. He’s talked about putting lackeys such as Gingrich, Christie, Palin and Giuliani in his cabinet, advocated violence against his critics and better relations with one of our nation’s top rivals. The supreme leader will not bring jobs or tax relief to the Rust Belt, Sun Belt, South or Middle-America. If he has his way, he will rip apart immigrant families, turn away those who want to come to our shores, make it harder for your kid’s school to receive funding, alienate our trade partners, reverse climate change regulations, arm more countries with nuclear weapons, get rid of affordable health care and upend our economy. You know, to make America Great Again.

So now, if you don’t think this will impact your life in some way, I ask you to really take a step back, look at all those people you care about and tell me that none of them won’t have a drastically worse life over the next four years. There were roughly 100 million US voters that did not vote on Tuesday. 100 Million that did not lay a stake at who should be leading this country over the next four years. We are a democracy, which means your voice can and should be heard. It’s your right! Like many of you, I’m sad for America right now. Sad for our country, our political system and most importantly for our citizens.

We’ve got four years of this, like it or not. A demagogue who turned Love Trumps Hate upside down and used it to advance his personal agenda, will be the supreme leader for the next four years. We have four November elections to right this ship and move forward as a democratic country that listens to its citizen’s voices and leads us to a united and collaborative future. I’m sad now, but soon after the grieving, the sadness will turn into optimism. Optimism that this hateful regime will not continue to pull us apart, but will galvanize the American people. Freedom always comes at a cost and we’ll certainly pay for it dearly over these next four years.  In dark times you unite, you fight, you lead, you inspire.

Closing with something that Mrs. Clinton said in her heartfelt concession speech the other day. Please take it to heart. “I still believe in America,” she assured her supporters. “This loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

In the Listening Pile: The Clash – Rock the Casbah

Because we need some change. We gotta rock the Casbah, it’s fucking broken.

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