Whose world is this?

Been thinking a lot about the year 1994 lately. With all the recent album anniversaries, Nas, Oasis, Blur, Soundgarden, NIN, Sunny Day Real Estate, Weezer, etc…plus the death of Kurt Cobain, it’s really gotten me in a nostalgic mood. I think about that year, I was 15 years old and really starting to understand a lot more things in life. Girls, music, film, food, art, culture, it was all new and intriguing to me.

It was also the 25th anniversary of Woodstock and MTV did a Woodstock concert that summer. I remember thinking back how so many of the people that went to the original Woodstock had done really wonderful and amazing things, changing the way we saw the world from politics and civil rights to art and culture. It’s funny to think that in five years, we’ll essentially be the same age of that generation in ’94. Makes me wonder what have I done in the last 20 years, what will I do in the next five. What will my generation be known for? Hopefully not justĀ hurling insults atĀ celebrities on Twitter.

Listening Pile: Nas – The World Is Yours – The old saying is you have your whole life to write your debut album and two years to do the follow up. Nas has made some great albums, but has never been able to recreate the magic from his first. A truly special and monumental hip hop record.

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