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and when the seasons get you down

Come out of there, we got just one chance
Sunday’s a wash. It’s rainy and dreary here in NYC today. Perfect kinda day to throw in a load of laundry and read a book. Or make some beef stew or carnitas tacos. Football is on the tube today, the Jets and their quarterback mess invade Jacksonville. The Giants host the New Orleans Saints this afternoon. That should be a good one to watch.

Might make some sheppards pie and sit around with a nice cold beer while I watch the G-Men in action. I love me a nice stout like Dogfish’s Chicory Stout or maybe some Oak Aged Yeti. We’ll see what I dig out of the cabinet later on.

Listening Pile: Pinback – Proceed to Memory
Here’s the lead track off their newish album, Information Retrieved. They are five full albums and countless ep’s and singles into their career. They don’t really steer too far from their formula, but it works. They make really great records. Perfect for listening to on a Sunday afternoon.


I’ve got depth of perception in my text y’all

Wow, what a week. I’m very sorry I haven’t written anything on here, in ages. Life gets in the way of progress, right? But I’ve been thinking about mortality a lot the last few days with Junior Seau’s passing. I’ve been thinking about living life to its fullest. Living life, enjoying life, breathing life the way Junior Seau did while we watched him go from sideline to sideline. I remember thinking, there is no one that is having as much fun as him playing the game. No one.

Now years, later we learned that for all that flying around, and there was a lot of flying around, I mean, he makes Troy Polamalu look pedestrian, there was a lot of damage he took, that we probably never knew about. I hope his death doesn’t come in vein. I hope that if he did suffer from brain trauma brought on by that fearless style of play, his case helps others get through theirs. I loved watching you bro and will always remember that spirit.  Cheers to you in the afterlife.

And…as I was thinking about that I got the news that Adam Yauch, MCA, from the Beastie Boys had passed. This on top of the news last night that one of my favorite baseball players of all time’s, Mariano Rivera’s, career may be over. Just makes me sick today. Literally, I almost threw up in the bathroom earlier today. Mo, you were legendary. The Greatest Of All Time, without a single doubt. I hope it’s not the end, but if it is, you’ve had an amazing ride and I’m glad I got to come along for the journey.

But now, I’m sitting here thinking about all the times I’ve had with MCA and the Beastie Boys. Great times with great friends. I think you’d be hard pressed to find that some part of your life hasn’t been touched by the Beastie Boys. They impacted culture, hip hop, punk rock, lifestyle, sports, video making and recently activism.

For me, the moment I know they changed my life was seeing the video for Whatcha Want. It was life changing. The video with the weird grainy, pixelated footage of them jumping around a park. Think about that video for a second. They literally made being a nerd, being alienated and being punk rock, cool. They gave nerdy white dudes swag. Vintage t-shirts, plaid shirts, vans, dickies and wool caps haven’t been the same since. That video literally formed the way I would dress for the next twenty years. That was literally the moment that I said, you know what, fuck it. I’m gonna be me. I’m gonna do shit my way. I’m not gonna give in to the other bullshit people are doing. And for that, I’m thankful. And for that, I’m going to miss Adam Yauch, aka MCA, the illest.

(by the way, if anyone ever finds that Knicks ringer tee, hook a brother up. been pimping for one, for twenty years)

So, til next time, you know. Before we get back to regular scheduled programming, just want to leave you with this. I started this website to talk about food, beer, the Yankees, my dog, music and whatever else I was passionate and happy about at the moment. So, whatever your thing is, whether it be food, antique pillows, beer, hello kitty, basketball or whatever. Love it. Enjoy it. Breathe it.

As a wise man once said, “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”