July 4th – A Beer Weekend

July 4th, 2011
Had a great fourth of July weekend. I spent Friday night with a close friend watching the Yankee game and drinking some fine beer. We started the evening off drinking The Drewery/Bolero Snort Whiskey Rye. From there we drank various other beers including some Blue Point RastafaRye IPA, Stone’s Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, and a growler of Sixpoint Redd and Dogfish 90 minute IPA. Sounds like a lot, but his wife and her friend helped out a little and the Dogfish wasn’t finished off.

Saturday afternoon I nabbed a growler of the Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner by Shmaltz Brewing Co.. Unfortunately I then attended a party that evening where I didn’t even really drink beer since all they had was PBR, Bud Lime and Blue Moon which I hate. Coincidentally the PBR went fast, I had one. Even people who drink bad beer know how shitty Bud Lime and Blue Moon are, since almost all of them were left in the ice bucket at the end of the night. Vodka Tonics it was. Luckily it was an early evening and I had a couple good beers when I got home. I stupidly opened the growler that evening, which to be honest was a big mistake considering, I wouldn’t be drinking it all in one sitting and probably wouldn’t touch it again til the next day, maybe later.

Sunday I woke up early and made my way to Citi Field for the Yankees/Mets game. The weather wasn’t cooperating early on. The game was delayed for about two hours, which normally would suck, but I was lucky enough to be in a suite. That meant free food(from Shake Shack) and even cooler, free beer. My choices were between Heineken, Stella and Brooklyn Lager. I think you know what I drank all day.

Needless to say, those Brooklyns were fantastic. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they were really fresh or they changed the formula up, but they tasted amazing. Maybe every time I have it now, it’s from a tap that’s not fresh and the keg just sits. These in particular tasted great. Sadly, as I walked around the stadium, not only could I not find Sixpoint, which is available in certain parts of the stadium, but it looks like their beer selections really took a step backwards in variety. Almost nothing that wasn’t Macro or Inbev/AB owned or distributed. It’s a shame, I thought they were being progressive and celebrating Brooklyn beers. Guess not.

My next stop was at one of my favorite bars, Rattle n Hum. I started it off with a flight of Jonas Broncks Woodlawn Weiss Ale, Brooklyn’s The Concoction, Barrier Spelunker and Wandering Star’s Raindrop. My first time having all four and very first time trying selections from Wandering Star and new Bronx brewery Jonas Broncks. The Concoction was good, but there was a lot going on in terms of flavor. It’s spiced with ginger and lime and almost has an earthy rosemary type flavor. I then had a fantastic beer from Stillwater, The Debutante, a farmhouse ale that was floral and earthy, extremely drinkable and delicious. I had a few more, finishing off with Wandering Star’s Bash Bick Bock, which was just completely delicious. Really looking forward to trying more of their stuff.

Monday, the 4th started off with some fantastic brunch and then me tearing into that growler of the Mermaid Pilsner. It surprisingly kept a good amount of carbonation and flavor despite being opened about 36 hours earlier. I guess I got lucky with that one. It was great to drink a Coney Island beer while watching Joey Chestnut literally eat his competition under the table while winning the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. Later on that day I made some great burgers, watched the Yankees lose and then slowly closed out what ended up being a really fantastic weekend filled with good beer, good times and good friends. Hope everyone else had a great time.

Listening Pile:
The Horrors – Still Life
Next month, these British post-punkers release their third LP, Skying. Check out the synth-heavy first single “Still Life” below. The last record was one of my favorite records in recent memory. The new one sounds every bit as interesting. Give it a listen.

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