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Get Your Cantillon
Tomorrow is Zwanze Day around the world. The awesome top fermented lambic beer from the world famous Cantillon Brewery in Belgium releases their very special batch to the world on this day. It’s usually in September, but they had some issues fermenting and whipped up a whole new batch for this and moved it to Dec. 1. Tomorrow, it will be available in only 33 carefully selected locations, with Spuyten Duyvil in Brooklyn being one of them. I went last year and it was a fun and festive occasion. I’m gonna try my hardest to get there tomorrow when they tap the keg at 3pm. Fingers Crossed.

Listening Pile: Gaslight Anthem – Spirit of Jazz
Local Boys Done Good…Caught an old friend play Terminal 5 last night. Seeing some local Jersey guys, The Gaslight Anthem, that worked their butt off for the past 6 or 7 years and now they are a huge rock band. Feels good to see. Congrats to the boys. Loved how they talked about playing their first gig at local New Brunswick dive, The Court Tavern. They sounded great and have gotten really great as a live band.

everything was closed at Coney Island – Drink For Good

Hey, you know we always like to drink beer at the Brooklyn Brewery. And you know we like it even more when we get to help out someone who needs it. This is the best of both worlds. Next Tuesday, the NYC Brewers Guild is bringing a bunch of craft breweries to pour beer and raise money to aid Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in Brooklyn & Queens, providing direct support to Rockaway Surf Club, Red Hook Initiative & Coney Recovers. At 40 bones and some food, plenty of beers and a good cause. This sounds like a winner.

Listening Pile: Death Cab For Cutie – Coney Island
I think this song really echoes with the devastation that took place out there. here’s hoping this and all the other benefits help get these communities back to where they were someday.

he thinks it’s not kosher

Say Cheese
Loved this cool little slide show of a behind the scenes brewery tour at the lovely New Glarus Brewery in Wisconsin. I love that you can only get their beers in Wisconsin and it’s the 2nd most consumed beer in the state behind only macro brew, Miller Lite. That’s drink local to its fullest, huh.

That shot above is my own, from a little present my buddy Mike gave me about a year ago. All in all, I’ve had about 5 or 6 of the New Glarus brews, including the Spotted Cow, Man Moon, Two Women, Fat Squirrel, and the highly sought after Raspberry Tart. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to New Glarus, but if I find myself in Wisconsin anytime soon, you can bet I’ll see how far wherever I am is from New Glarus.

From the Boogie Down
Our friends up at the Bronx Brewery have announced they are planning on canning their standout Bronx Pale Ale. They’ve unveiled some designs and are asking for fan feedback to help them pick the best one. This is good stuff. I went for the all black can design, looks sharp. I’ve been enjoying this beer for a little over a year now, as they’ve also just celebrated their first anniversary back in September. Congrats to them.

Listening Pile: The Clash – Rock The Casbah
I was listening to this song on my morning commute and started thinking, wow how long has it been since Joe Strummer died. Next month it will be ten years. Wow, crazy. I used to live right by the mural in the East Village. Might have to walk over there next month to pay my respects.


my whole team got dough

For the first time ever, there were two New York City basketball squads facing off. It was the battle of the boroughs. Old Manhattan versus upstart Brooklyn. Always the little brother out in Jersey, the Nets got a shiny new big house in Brooklyn now. Hova was happy with the results. After a smokin hot start, the Knickerbockers have crashed to the pavement, losing 3 outta 4. For now, little brother 1, big brother 0. Let the rivalry begin.


Listening Pile: Jay-Z – Run This Town
For obvious reasons. Hopefully Beyonce doesn’t get mad at me for bringing up that Rihana girl again. And how crazy is it, this video has 66M youtube views. Wow!

the pavements, they are a mess

Thanksgiving came and went. It’s a nice respite from the tough few weeks before it and after. I spent Thursday and Saturday in Jersey with family and friends. Friday was spent eating and drinking in Brooklyn. Yesterday holed up in the apartment watching TV and eating leftovers, before heading out for my Cook & Go cooking class.

So now with Thanksgiving in the rear view, New York welcomes Christmas season. I’ve already seen Christmas trees on sale, people bustling around the city in search of holiday specials and more Christmas music than one person should really here this far from December. Despite that, the City is a really wonderful place to spend the holidays.

Listening Pile: Interpol – NYC
Next week they will be releasing the 10 year anniversary edition of their amazing debut album, Turn On The Bright Lights, (though it came out in August of 2002.) It was and still is, one of my favorite albums of all time. It was the epitome of NYC cool at the time, with many bands trying to imitate it, even Interpol themselves on subsequent albums. It had those monotone vocals, driving rhythm section and swirling guitar work. It was dark and brooding, but had enough melody to still be able to dance to.

I shared many a moments with this album over the years. It holds up so well and wouldn’t feel out of place amongst many of today’s contemporaries.


no hesitation, no delay

Shake Shack, it’s not the best, nor the fanciest. But it hits the spot. Been thinking bout the blog in that way a lot lately. Feel like when I started this whole thing two years ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. Part of me just needed a forum to talk about beer, food, music and all the other weird shit that goes through my head. I guess part of me was just looking to reach people that had similar interests. I bet some of it was just to alleviate my boredom.

So here I am now two years later. I’ve met some awesome friends, tasted some ridiculous beers and eaten way more awesome stuff that a nerd like me should be allowed to enjoy. I’m not sure where exactly this thing is going, but I’m hoping that with a few format changes and more attention from me, this serves as something more than just my outlet.

Listening Pile: Placebo – Special K
I was thinking a lot about the band the other day. They just released a new EP that, while receiving solid reviews, left me missing the days of old. Probably my favorite song of theirs. This was probably one of my top 10 favorite bands for a few years in the late 90’s/early 00’s. Gravity, no escaping, not for free…