First Impressions: Landbrot’s Bakery and Divine Fits

That sounds alright
Tried out a new spot I’ve been meaning to hit up for some time, Landbrot’s on 7th Ave. It’s an interesting concept, a German bakery and bar. Yup, not only can you get delicious baked goods like black forrest cake or German cheesecake, but they also have tasty brats, schnitzel and open faced sandwiches.The other day I had a cheese filled brezel (pretzel) that was fantastic. Followed it up with a tasty pork schnitzel that had a side of mashed taters. Also had the open faced salmon and green apple sandwich. All in all very tasty and definitely something that helps soak up…the beer.

They have this incredibly fascinating way to serve you beer. They have a great selection, of mostly German pilsners, dunkels, lagers and weisse styles. However, one thing that caught my eye on the menu was the Landbrot Round. It said on the menu that they would serve you a .2 liter pour of Reissdorf Kolsch, until you tell them to stop. Here’s where things get fun. Basically, you have a contest with the server to see who works faster, you drinking the beer or him bringing you another. He basically will keep bringing these out until you put the coaster over your beer and tell him you’re done. It’s a fun game to play. I think I made it through four pours before bowing out.

All in all, a great spot with really tasty pastries, pies and cakes, as well as good coffee and food. They have a great selection of German micro-brews and a fun little concept with the Landbrot round. Great spot that I will definitely hit up again on a weekend. It’s a fun place to hit up with friends, a (fun) date or just on your own to have coffee and pastry. There are two locations in NYC, on 7th Ave in the West Village and another in the LES. Head over if you get a chance.

Listening Pile:
Divine Fits – Would That Not Be Nice
Lets start with the fact that I hate the idea of a “super-group.” I don’t care how awesome the bands you were in before were, unless you have Batman or at least the Tick, you should never have any of your PR materials say the words super and group together. Now that we got that out of the way, Britt Daniel of Spoon and Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade formed a band together during their downtime from their respective bands, which yes, are pretty super.

The album sorta sounds like what you would expect it to. Sorta sounds like some Spoon b-sides at times, while sounding like some experimental Wolf Parade tracks on the next. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Like I said, those two bands are pretty super, so even b-sides from those bands would be entertaining. There are a couple gems here, the “Salton Sea” and “Flaggin a Ride” which don’t sound all that dissimilar to some tracks from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Then there’s the gyrate inducing, “Would That Not Be Nice,” again not sounding all that different from a Spoon track. “For Your Heart” sounds like a Wolf Parade track with additional electronic flourishes, as does the first single, “My Love Is Real.” Think my favorite is the song below, which has just an awesome name, “Would That Not Be Nice.”