Brooklyn Brewery, Murray’s Cheese and The New Wild Nothing album…A Match Made In Heaven

I’m In Heaven
What’s up kids. Quick little post to talk about something really fun I did last night. Made my way over to the Brooklyn Brewery for a pairing event with Murray’s Cheese. Now, if you know me, you know those are two of my favorite things to pair up, tasty cheese and lovely beers. Last night I was treated Murray’s Buyer Aaron Foster, walking us through a fantastic pairing, featuring four different beers and cheeses.

Ok, I’m not entirely sure what cheeses we sampled, since I got there late and did a poor job of actually listening. I do know, two of them were sheep milk, maybe one from Basque, one was goat, and there was a cheddar, which went really, really well with the IPA. My favorite was one of the sheep milk cheeses that paired well with the Brown Ale. A couple things I did not know, some farmers feed cows extra beta keratin to get the cheese to come out yellow or orange. Also, rennet, which are enzymes from baby cow stomachs, is used to help coagulate the milk. Sorry kids, but thanks for the sacrifice.

Many, many thanks to the Brooklyn Brewery for having us. And thanks to Aaron and Murray’s for the lesson. In other great news, Aaron also mentioned how they will soon have craft beer at Murray’s Cheese Shop. So, that along with the newly opened Murray’s Cheese Bar make for a fun little stop on a cheese and beer lovers tour of Bleecker street.

Listening Pile:
Wild Nothing – Nocturne
I’m going to start this off by saying, Jack Tatum’s debut album as Wild Nothing, Gemini, was probably one of my favorite albums in the last five or six years. It was that good. Dreamy, hazy, bedroom pop with a dash of shoegaze thrown in for good measure. Then there was the Golden Haze and Your Rabbit Feet singles that were also amazing. A quick collaboration with Beach Fossils on their track “Out In the Way”, and earlier this year the “Nowhere” single, possibly signaling a new direction. What’s funny though is, the more I listened to that track, the more I anticipated some change and growth.

Needless to say, Nocturne, the proper follow up is nothing short of a fantastic sophomore record. There are still a lot of elements there that made that first album so amazing. But some of the things he did on this record that I love are elements from late 80’s pop. Some hushed synths, jangly/echoey guitars and triggered drum tracks. There are some other neat studio tricks too, like ambient sounds, birds in the background and layered harmonies.

Here is probably my favorite track from the album, “Only Heather”


Some Thoughts on The Randolph, Mexicue, Bronx Rye Pale Ale and Bloc Party

The Crowd Are Waiting
Went over to The Randolph last week to check out the debut of the Bronx Brewery’s new Rye Pale Ale. I’d been wanting to check this place out since I first spotted it earlier this summer, near my favorite Banh Mi spot, Saigon. It’s a good looking joint, full of rustic trimmings, exposed brick, cool looking light fixtures, long bar and a ton of beer on draft, I counted at least two dozen taps and saw an extensive list, broken out by flavor profile, not styles.

All in all, a pretty cool spot just off the Bowery. I went on a Thursday night and it was pretty crowded. I imagine some of that was the Bronx Rye release(photos here), but I’m sure some of it was just happy hour crowds grabbing drinks before heading off to local music venues and restaurant hot spots. Check it out if you get a chance. Oh and as for the Bronx Rye Pale Ale, give that a go as well. I was there early enough to sample both the regular and a casked version. Casked version really kicks up the citrusy hop profile. It was really tasty.

It Grows And Grows And Grows
Mexicue is a place I’ve been wanting to visit for a while. I’ve tasted there food on a couple different occasions, but had yet to actually visit either of the restaurants. So, last week during lunch I was right by their shop on Forsythe Street. I’ve only had tacos before and found them to be pretty tasty. Figured this time, I’d just come off a pretty tough workout, so why not go for the burrito. I like how they let you choose the style you want, bowl, burrito, taco or sliders, then you pick your meat. I went with Alabama BBQ Chicken.

I was pleasantly surprised by the burrito. It somehow managed to blend the spicy flavors bama chipotle sauce and cotija cheese, with the smoky bbq chicken flavors. I’d definitely head back there again and would love to sample even more of their bbq/southwest concoctions. I mean, doesn’t a Green Chilli Mac n Cheese sound good?

Listening Pile:
Bloc Party – So He Begins To Lie
I really hadn’t listened to this band in a few years. I really loved their debut album Silent Alarm and their follow up, A Weekend In The City, was fairly impressive as well. After a few “experimental” albums and some ill-received solo departures, seems like the band has returned to their older sound. Not bad overall, but lacking that immediacy and fun of the first album. I’m wondering if this will be well received by their fans. It’s certainly the best thing they’ve done in years.