Wednesday Links

Beer Things in NYC
Here is a link to a bunch of beer happenings here in NYC for the week. Good stuff including: Dogfish Takeover Night at Stags Head tonight and The chilli cookoff w/ Empire Brewing on Sunday. One not listed on there is the Dieu du Ciel! night at Blind Tiger this evening. These guys from Montreal make some of the most amazing beers I’ve ever tasted. They had an amazing cherry sour at the Brewers Choice event earlier this fall.

Non-stop Biking
REI opens in NYC. Just checked out the popular West Coast store today. The new spot is in the historic Puck Building and it’s massive. All types of bike services including initial set-up and full-service repair. Tons and tons of gear for not just bikers, but skiing, camping, hiking and more outdoorsy type stuff.

Six Diesel
Really psyched to try my first Sixpoint Diesel from a can today. Just picked up a few this afternoon. Diesel is the winter round of their seasonal canned beers, which debuted Autumnation earlier this fall. If that was a sign of what’s to come, I’m gonna be really loving the Diesel.

Exploding Cocktails
Really, does this need an explanation. A bunch of videos at 5,000-8,900 frames per second, Phantom Cocktails shows all kinds of drinks just blowing up. The highlight could the can of Coors Light or the Irish car bomb.

So…this is happening. The Hanson Brothers, known for their super infectious and rage inducing hit song Mmmbop are creating their very own IPA. I remember my nephew being about 6 or 7 and playing the song non-stop when he was a kid.

Listening Pile:
M83 – Midnight City (live on Jimmy Fallon)
Just an awesome song from their new album, Hurry Up We’re Dreaming. This song features the sexiest and baddest sax solo I can recall. Bummed I missed the live show in NYC last week. Check it out.