Sausage Fest

Tour De France Sausage And Beer Festival 2011
Last night I made my way over to the 404 Event Space over on 10th Avenue for the Tour de France Belgian Beer & Sausage Fest. Nine French restaurants featured various different sausages paired with beers from Flemish brewery Duvel, Brasserie d’Achouffe and Cooperstown, NY’s Ommegang. It’s a nice kick-off party showcasing some of the dishes they’ll have at their establishments during the festival, lasting between the 12th and 21st.

My favorite beer of the evening was the Maredsous Brune, a rich Belgian Dubbel, that was paired with a Sausage de Morteau with Frisee and Roquefort from restaurant, Nice Matin. My favorite dish was the pheasant sausage with celery root puree and blackberry sauce paired with Ommegang BPA, from Le Monde. Truly a great pairing, pheasant not being overwhelmed by the celery and just touched with the blackberry, complimentying so great with the Belgian style pale ale’s crisp taste.

There was also a fantastic dessert, a savarin cake with caramelized apples from Savory & Sweet paired with Liefmans Cuvée Brut. They paired so great together, the sourness of the Cuvee balancing with the savory dessert. Other stand out dishes included the venison sausage with spaetzle and port from French Roast, as well as the duck confit sausage cassoulet from Maison. You could sample at will and try anything you wanted. I definitely went back for some of that pheasant and duck sausage.

The beer was fantastic as well, Belgian style is always a favorite of mine. I was also lucky enough to sample some of the other Ommegang selections, including a 2002 Three Philsophers and Abbey Ale, the current Apphrodite and Gnomegang, as well as a few other goodies stashed behind the bar.

All in all a great pairing of top notch beers and delicious food. I really enjoyed almost everything I tried, both food and beer. The event space was great, it wasn’t overpacked, nor were there any real lines for either food or beer. Seems like they didn’t run out of anything. There was also a jazz band adding a nice touch of class to the evening. Job well done by the Tour De France NYC group.

Listening Pile:
Thelonious Monk – Round About Midnight
Let’s class up this post with a great song from the legendary Thelonious Monk. A man who also has a fantastic beer named after him, a Belgian style Abbey from Northcoast Brewing. Check out the song and try the beer. Both are great.