Zeppelin Hall Restaurant, Biergarten & Bar

A Whole Lotta Love and Beer and Sausage

Made my way over to the Zeppelin Hall Biergarten in Jersey City on Saturday. It was a surprisingly quick trip over from the City on the PATH. From the station, it was about a five minute walk through Jersey City. Once you find it, it has an unassuming entrance, sort of tucked away in the corner of a building complex. However, once you walk in, you actually see the massiveness of the place. There’s a huge outdoor courtyard with large picnic tables, covered by trees and umbrellas. Then there is a large hall with a stage in the center. It was a warm day, so at first we started off inside, but as our party got a little bigger, we longed to be outside. It was really pleasant with a nice breeze, good friends and nice cold beers.

Now on to the good stuff, the beer. I was really happy to see a lot of variety in the beer, from tons of German, English and Belgian beers, to great craft stuff including selections from Ommegang, Ithaca, Magic Hat, Victory, Brooklyn, Blue Point and Yards, amongst others. I had a couple different samplings from Blue Point’s Toxic Sludge, a great Black IPA which donates proceeds to charity, to the Brooklyn Brewery’s Concoction, based off a Scotch-based cocktail, flavored with lemon, ginger, and honey flavors. I had a Yards Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale, a strong golden ale inspired by der!, Jefferson’s original recipe. I also had the classic Bavarian style German pilsners of Jever and Spaten. Both are two of my favorite of the style. Also had a Newcastle Summer Ale, which is the first seasonal beer from the Newkies.

In terms of food, the menu was comprised mostly of Bavarian classics like bratwurst and kielbasa, to schnitzel, sauerbraten, schweinhaxe and spaetzle. I had a chicken schnitzel, a fried breaded cutlet served with a German potato salad. There is lots of other stuff too, like large pretzels, chicken wings, burgers, salads, soup, a couple different desserts, including a Belgian waffle and even a kids menu. Portions are huge, so bring an appetite or a person to share with. It’s just the perfect amount of food to soak up all that great beer.

Needless to say, I had a great time. I really enjoyed the venue, the beers, the food and sharing the afternoon with my good friends. I had heard some bad things about Zepplin, but don’t think I experienced any of it. They had a good selection of beers and food. Sure it got kind of crowded and yes, there were a lot of babies. But, they let you bring dogs under 20lbs, which is always a plus in my book. They also had this great misting thing going on at the bar, which certainly helped fight the heat. It’s not the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Astoria, but that’s had a hundred year head start. And, yes. It’s in Jersey City, but to be honest, it took me just about as long to get there as it did to Astoria. All in all a good time had and definitely would visit again.

Listening Pile:
Led Zeppelin – Whole Lot of Love
See what I did there. Led Zeppelin song for the Zeppelin Biergarten. Anyhow, sort of thought this song went with the theme of the afternoon. Lots of love for the beer, the food and friends. Plus, it’s a badass song.Enjoy!