My Thoughts on Get Real NY 2010

Get Real NY has been announced for March 19 & 20th, 2011. I had a great time at the last one back in September. I went with two friends and I’m pretty sure between the three of us, we sampled nearly every beer and food item available. I’m really looking forward to this one. I also saw that BeerMenus has a limited discount for this year’s. Last year I was lucky enough to get my ticket for $35 through a discount. However, the organizers insist this early bird special, will be the only discount, and as last year’s fest, this will sell out.

A few bits of advice if you go this year and before you read my thoughts on last year’s Get Real NY
1. Stay hydrated – you’re going to sample a lot of beers. It’s easy to forget to drink water, but do it. You’ll enjoy yourself more for it.
2. Eat, and keep nibbling on stuff after you eat. Eat pretzels or cookies or popcorn. Just keep going back for more. Helps soak up the booze.
3. Get there early. Take full advantage of all the beers on hand and you get to sample certain things that may not be available later on. Plus, there were people that missed more than an hour on line last year.
4. If you want to document your beers, either use a program on your phone that automatically saves or pen and paper. I used notes on my iPhone and it erased a couple times. Also, it’ll drain your battery.
5. Bring a camera(with a string tied to you) and take lots of pics. Trust me, as the night gets longer, you’ll forget more things. It’s just natural. Also, will help keep your phone from dying.
6. Where proper shoes. No joke, the floor gets really messy and slippery. I saw more than a few people take a spill. And oddly, I saw more than a few girls in high heals. I mean, you’re standing and walking around on slippery floors for hours. Be practical.

That’s it. Good luck and enjoy yourself. OH, and be nice. To the staff, the pourers and other festival goers. Trust me, it’ll help and may even get you certain benefits.

My write up from September 2010(completely unedited)
I’m missing at least two beers for sure, because I know my final total was about 38 beers sampled(also not counting a couple I sampled from Golby or Isaac’s glass). I also had an issue with my phone erasing my list, twice. So I had to go off memory for some of my early beers, which may or may not have included some homebrews.

Most samples were good, a few blah tastings though. The best, Brooklyn Detonation and Bruery Mischief & Saison. Other top ones include, Capt. Larry’s Extra Gold, Heavy Seas Posit, Oskar Blues Mama’s Pils. Worst thing I had was the Smokin Summer Ale(homebrew) and sadly, Nebraska’s Pumpkin. In fact, I really didn’t like any of the Pumpkins I tried, even Sixpoint’s. Something about the Pumpkins really makes them not taste that great at room temp. I wish I tried a few more homebrews. Two of the 3(I remember) I tried were fantastic, including the Black Friday, which was a dark, but sweet stout type. I tried not to sample anything I’ve had before, which is why I shied away from most Sixpoints, Smuttynose, Kelso and Southern Tiers.

The food, was a pleasant surprise. Luke’s Lobster, had only shrimp rolls. Weird. But they tasted fantastic. Martin’s Pretzels were great, especially paired with My Friend’s Mustard(made with Sixpoint). The pretzels were also great to soak up some of the beer throughout the evening. That along with the free water they had, helped me actually walk out of there on my own two feet. There was a so so Truffle Mac and Cheese and Pasta Salad with Sausage. The pasta salad was really good. I believe they both came from L’asso, but am not totally sure. There was also a delicious scallop and risotto plate that I had about four helpings of. There were also various cookies and pastries strewn about. Which I mostly nibbled on here and there. Plus there was some great caramel corn that came from Ronnie Sue’s. It was really good and made with Brooklyn Beer.

The only real complaint I had, aside from the food not being better identified, was the VIP beers. They designated certain beers so that only people with VIP entry could taste. I was fine with them getting an extra hour and possibly tasting certain beers not made available to the general public, but VIP only tastings on the main floor was lame. Luckily some of the staff didn’t really mind letting you have a taste of the VIP stuff. That’s how I got the Detonation Ale and Extra Gold. Well, that and my sweet smile.

Beer List
Bear Republic Racer 5
Black Friday (hb)
Blue Point Hoptical Illusion
Brooklyn Detonation
Bruery Mischief
Bruery Seven Grain Saison
Captain Lawrence Birra Decicco
Captain Lawrence Extra Gold
Cigar City Peach IPA
Cigar City Red Oak IPA
Defiant IPA
Duvel Green
Firestone Walker Red Nectar Ale
Flying Dog Raging Bitch
Heavy Seas Posit
Kelso Kellerfest
Lagunitas Hairy Eyeball
Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey
Left Hand Twin Sister
Nebraska Cardinal
Nebraska Wick For Brains Pumpkin
Ommegang Zurr
Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale
Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Spiced Yells Pilsner
Ridgeway IPA
Riverhorse Hop Hazard
Sixpoint Missionary
Sixpoint Pumpkin
Smokin Summer Ale (hb)
Smuttynose Big A IPA
Smuttynose Star Island Single
Southern Tier Matt and Phin Extraordinary Ale
Speakeasy Prohibition Ale
Two Brothers Cane & Ebel
Two Brothers Resistance IPA
USS ESB (hb)

Thursday’s Links

If Life Hands You Lemons Make Beer
From The Dogfish Blog. After doing a couple experimental batches of a big hoppy dry IPA, called DFH Ale with lemon chunks, seems Sam and Co. are doing some test batches with eyes on larger distribution for this brew. Definitely excited for this. Beer done right with citrusy flavors. I saw someone drinking one of those Bud Limes the other day. The smell of it alone made me want to puke.

She was raised out in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Beer Night, at Barcade, Brooklyn. This kinda makes me want to head out there for this. I love their seasonal and limited stuff, plus their Pilsner and Pennant Ales are always go to beers. A whole bunch of other stuff will be available, including the Monster, Detonation, Cuvee Noire and some cask stuff too.

Momofuku You Too
The ever expanding Momofuku empire has come out with some news about world domination. Well, not really..OK, but sorta. This link has some info on further expansion of Milk Bar and an iPad app and print journal called Lucky Peach in due in April. Wow, I remember when Momofuku first opened up and the crazy two hour wait to get in and try those delicious pork buns. Ah, those were the days

Listening Pile:
British Sea Power’s got a new album, Valhalla Dancehall, which came out a couple weeks ago. I’ve been a big fan of theirs since their first album The Decline of British Sea Power hit back in 2003. I loved their 2nd album Open Season, but really haven’t kept tabs on them much since, despite releasing a third album and various EP’s and singles. So far I’m digging Valhalla. Always varying in their style, similar to a lot of 90’s post punk and alt acts from America, they range from guitar pop, to lush and beautiful arrangements and then just crazy and chaotic.


Wednesday’s Links

East Coast vs. West Coast
Pony Bar here in NYC is hosting an East Coast vs. West Coast battle royale. Luckily for all involved, this has nothing do with hip hop beefs or diss songs(at least I don’t think), instead focusing on great beers from both coasts, including West Coasters, Lagunitas and Ballast Point vs. East Coasters, Victory and Smuttynose. 20 lines in all w/ tasty beer, plus punk rock classics spinning all night long. Sounds like fun.

Taco Bell’s Beef Not What You Think or Is it?
This story , was flying around the internet all day yesterday about how Taco Bell’s meat offering isn’t actually all beef, but rather filled w/ random other extenders, including soy, wheat oat, corn starch, etc… And as Ted Berg points out, you’re paying $0.89 for it. What do you think you’re getting? Thankfully, I haven’t had Taco Bell in years, and this news will probably keep it that way.

The Full Pint Roundup
From The Full Pint Craft Beer News Roundup – Lost Abbey, Stone Brewing, Tröegs, AleSmith, Flying Fish and More. Best bit of news is the collaboration of Green Flash / Pizza Port / Stone and the bottling of their new brew. Hopefully that’s coming out East for a taste. Also, NJ’s own Flying Fish is brewing their next Exit Series for release in March.

Listening Pile:
Cut Copy’s – Need You Now
A new cut from their forthcoming album, Zonoscope, out on 2/8. They also have a announced a bunch of tour dates, including the god awful Terminal 5 here in NYC. I really enjoyed their last album and hope this one hits the spot too.

Tuesday’s Links

Oskar Blues’ Uncanventional Approach Proves Profitable
From Beer Advocate reporting that Colorado Brewer Oskar Blues is having a good run, based on the sales of their highly popular canned craft beer. Having been the first to can craft beer in 2002, they have been doubling it’s business every year for the last eight years. Good stuff. I’ve recently sampled a couple of their fine canned beers, including their flagship Dale’s Pale Ale and Mama’s Little Yella Pils on Sunday at Canz in Queens, NY. Also recently tried the Old Chub Scotch Ale, Gordon Imperial Red Ale and the very strong, Gubna Imperial IPA.

NYC’s Must Eat Burgers
From A Hamburger Today , a link to where you can find some of Serious Eats writers favorite burgers in NYC. There are some great burgers in there, including a few I’ve had, Shake Shack, Zaitzeff(who also have awesome sweet potato fries), Diner and BLT Burger. Still need to try Veselka, which I’ve heard from friends is fantastic and Minetta Tavern, which I’ve heard is crazy expensive but oh so worth it.

Craft Beer Fight in Mississippi
This story is just absurd. Apparently there are laws in place in the state that won’t allow vendors to sell beer that’s more than 5% alcohol. This is the bible belt and I’ve heard lots of ridiculous stories about strange laws against alcohol, movies and books in the area. Hope the area craft beer enthusiasts can get those types of laws changed.

Listening Pile:
The Dismemberment Plan Live on Jimmy Fallon. I’m starting to get really excited to see the DPlan for the first time in seven years. Reunion shows are always so much fun and these guys were truly one of the nicest and hardest working bands out there. One of my fondest memories from college was heading down to the Terrace Club in Princeton to see them play a crazy set in front of a packed clubhouse.


Monday’s Links

This Day In Tech
From Wired Magazine January 24th, 1935: The first canned beer in the United States goes on sale in Richmond, Virginia. By the end of the year, 37 breweries follow the lead of the Gottfried Krueger Brewery.

Beer Things in NYC
Here is a link to a bunch of beer happenings here in NYC for the week. Good stuff including: Ghost Bottle Night at Spuyten Duyvil tonight and the New York City Homebrewer Guild’s 5th Annual Homebrew Alley on Sunday.

Homebrewing With Kitchy TV
Came across this video of Kitchy TV doing some homebrewing with the help of Nathalie Balandran of the Pacific Gravity Ladies’ Home Brew Club. With a recipe for Humulus Blonde from Patrick Rue of The Bruery. Looks like they came out with a good brew.

Listening Pile:
Crystal Castles + Robert Smith’s “Not in Love
The awesome remix with Robert Smith’s vocals gets an old school VHS-style grainy footage video. Check it out.


Friday’s Links

Best (and Worst) New Beers of 2011
Esquire magazine takes a look at the Best (and Worst) New Beers of 2011. Some really good stuff in there, including New Belgium’s Le Terroir and Captain Lawrence’s 5 Years Laters fifth anniversary ale. If you’re out there and psyched about something, post it in the comments. Unless it’s MGD Lemonade. Really, lemonade?

Emma Stone & New Brew Thursday
Here are some pictures of pretty people from the Golden Globes, including the lovely Emma Stone, who was fantastic in Easy A. Watched that and the latest New Brew Thursday podcast on my way back from Mexico. Two vastly different videos, yet both extremely entertaining. And how about Emma Stone on a future podcast? I can see her being a craftbeer drinker.

Moa Brewery is heading to Antarctica
This is funny for various different reasons, one being that New Zealand’s Moa Brewery is heading to Antarctica, another is that it’s being bottled in recyclable plastic because all trash from the base has to be hauled back to New Zealand.
Lastly, it seems they are sorta doing it because they need good publicity after Moa’s advertising equated “low carb beer” with “queer.” Ouch.

Listening Pile:
The Pixies “Debaser
The lineup for this year’s Coachella has been announced. To honor the occasion, I’m linking to a video from one of my favorite bands I was lucky enough to see when I attended Coachella years ago. Pixies played an awesome set, as did Radiohead. I was lucky enough to see them the night before at the Glasshouse in Pomona, before only a few hundred people. Truly one of the greatest rock and roll experiences of my life.

Coachella is 3 sun filled days in the dessert of Eastern California. It’s a fun time, but insanely hot. Some really good bands playing this year, Interpol, PJ Harvey, Death From Above 1979, Twin Shadow, The National, Kills, Swell Season, New Pornographers, Crystal Castles and many, many more. Good thing about fests like this, is most bands tour around it, and living in NYC, you’ll get to see many of them in smaller clubs, that are air conditioned.

Today’s Links for 1/20/11

Ancient Beer
Isn’t this also how the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park came to be? Just sayin. Check out this cool story about a scientist who made beer from ancient strands of yeast extracted from amber.

Australian Floods
Here is a video of a guy that canoes through a flooded McDonald’s in Australia. This is some weird stuff and not just because of the weird apocalyptic feeling, but because it sadly reminded me of Kevin Costner’s Water World. And what the hell is up with that music?

Left Hand Brewing News
Left Hand Brewing, whom I’ve said have some of the best bottle labels to go with great beers, have a bunch of news coming out of their Longmont, CO base camp. They’ve announced a ton of growth for the brewery, plus news on some of their new and sadly, departing brews. Key point here, grab the brews they will no longer be making and stash them away for a rainy day.

Listening Pile:
Gruff Rhys – Shark Ridden Waters
The singer from the awesome Super Furry Animals back with his third solo album. Check out the first single and awesome video for Shark Infested Waters.